45 years on the road.

We are a company with more than 45 years of tradition in logistics and exceptional transport. We present the second generation of a family business, founded by Srečko Klukovič. With our own fleet, which includes both the most modern transport vehicles and escort vehicles, we ensure our customers throughout Europe a reliable and safe delivery of the most demanding cargoes.

The experience of our staff, quick responsiveness, a serious, professional and friendly approach are those characteristics that place us at the very top of European carriers.

The easiest way to find out is by yourself, so we look forward to your inquiry.

International Cargo Transport

With a modern fleet and reliable logistic connections, we offer reliable and timely delivery of goods to your address.

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Yacht transport

Many years of experience, an individual approach, modern ecological vehicles and special multipurpose trailers enable reliable and safe transportation of all types of vessels to different destinations.

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Abnormal Loads

Transports outside standard dimensions always require an individual approach depending on destination and cargo.

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Escort and support

In line with the company’s policy, we take care of you with our own staff to get you all necessary permits and needed escorts in one place.

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We are aware that quality of business is also conditioned by modernly equipped vehicles. During transport, the goods are insured in the amount of 200,000 EUR .


Our business is based on the quality and safety of transported services, never missing the execution of the agreed delivery and takeover deadlines.


During our years in the transport industry we have gathered a plethora of reliable contacts and partners, who help us go where we can not.