Welcome to KLU-S Transport!

KLU-S Transport is a company that passionately offers services to its customers and follows their needs. We follow novelties, expand our capacities and welcome new challenges. It is distinguished by its responsiveness and a modern fleet enables us to carry the transport of various cargoes, both in length, width, height and weight.

Most of our staff (executives, drivers, escorts) communicate in at least one foreign language, more often in two.

  • correctly and carefully maintained fleet of top quality with state of the art engines,
  • regular training of drivers and other employees in the company,
  • investments in new resources and knowledge,
  • flexibility in the execution of orders,
  • safe and efficient transportation of goods without undue time losses,
  • quick adaptability to the demands of our clients,
  • promoting partnerships,
  • regular monitoring of legislation and compliance in practice,
  • constant care for the satisfaction of our clients.

Our valued customers


With the help of information technology, we can always provide information to the client on the location of their shipment. During transport, the goods are insured.

Klus-s Transport offers the entire logistic and transport service. From the delivery of transport to escort and support and cargo insurance of goods. In our fleet there are 17 vehicles suitable for transporting pallets, sheets or loads of 2.5m width. But we do not deal with the transport of bulk goods and perishable goods.

We always look for a good and reliable staff in our company. If you would like to join us with your experience, we invite you to write to us or call us. For more information on current job vacancies, you can look at Jobs.

Due to the specificity of the transport we do not deal with the transport of bulk cargo and perishable goods.

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