The vehicles are various and allow for the loading of different
loads for various purposes, for example: CNC machines,
molds, vehicles, construction, forestry and agricultural
machines, specific in terms of length,
width, height and weight.


With tugs and trailers with special equipment we carry out
the transport of all types of vessels. In addition, we take care
of all the necessary permits and documents, as well as the
necessary escorts for boats of exceptional dimensions.


Truck transportations are carried out in Western Europe
(Germany, Austria, BENELUX, France, Italy, Great Britain,
Norway, Sweden) and the Western Balkans (Slovenia,
Croatia, Serbia, BiH, Hungary). We offer the possibility of
partial and collective shipments or complete loads.
Extensive experience contribute to the optimum execution
of loading and the choice of routes, thereby ensuring
high quality transport.


With our own vehicles and qualified personnel, we offer escorts
in Slovenia as well as in Germany and France. For other
countries, we organize escort with our partners, as well as
provide all necessary documentation.

Unbeatable on the road

The beginnings of the Klu-S fleet date back to 1975. Among the major turning points we certainly count for the year 2000, when we started with the exceptional transports at the time. We have been offering our capacities and knowledge for many years mainly on the route from Slovenia – Western Europe.


We are a company with more than 45 years of tradition in logistics and exceptional transport. We represent the second generation of a family business, founded by Srečko Klukovič. With our own fleet, which includes both the most modern transport vehicles and escort vehicles, we ensure our customers throughout Europe a reliable and safe delivery of the most demanding cargoes.

The experience of our staff, quick responsiveness, a serious, professional and friendly approach are those characteristics that place us at the very top of European carriers. The easiest way to make sure of this is for yourself, so we look forward to your enquiry.

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Our business is based on the quality, safety of transported services, and never missing the execution of the agreed delivery and takeover deadlines.

Our business is based on quality, safety of transporting services.

We are aware that the quality of business is also conditioned by modernly equipped ecological vehicles, so the fleet is regularly updated. During transport, the goods are insured in the amount of 200,000 EUR .


With the help of information technology, we can always provide information to the client on the location of their shipment. During transport, the goods are insured.

Klus-s Transport offers the entire logistic and transport service. From the delivery of transport to escort and support and cargo insurance of goods. In our fleet there are 17 vehicles suitable for transporting pallets, sheets or loads of 2.5m width. But we do not deal with the transport of bulk goods and perishable goods.

We always look for a good and reliable staff in our company. If you would like to join us with your experience, we invite you to write to us or call us. For more information on current job vacancies, you can look at Vacancies.

Due to the specificity of the transport we do not deal with the transport of bulk cargo and perishable goods.

Why do we stand out from the competition?

Our business is based on the quality, safety of transported services and never missing the execution of the agreed delivery and takeover deadlines.

Do you have a request, a proposal, a question, a wish, or a business cooperation initiative? We invite you to call us or visit us at the headquarters of our company.

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