Many years of experience, an individual approach, modern ecological vehicles and special multipurpose trailers enable reliable and safe transportation of all types of vessels to different destinations.

In Europe, we are one of the leading shipping companies. We provide our customers with:
  • proposal and preparation of a route plan,
  • obtaining appropriate permits,
  • help with loading or decommissioning at a particular port, marina, dry dock, at the desired location,
  • organization of escorts,
  • separate transport of individual components such as masts or keel.

We are aware that quality of business is also conditioned by modernly equipped vehicles. During transport, the goods are insured in the amount of 200,000 EUR.


Our business is based on the quality and safety of transported services, never missing the execution of the agreed delivery and takeover deadlines.


During our years in the transport industry we have gathered a plethora of reliable contacts and partners, who help us go where we can not.